American Pickers has changed the way we view things when we travel, hasn't it? How many times have you seen something and said, "The pickers would LOVE that!"?

I do it all the time and I'm probably right. I bet you do, too, and YOU'RE probably right. I used to say that when I'd visit Windy Hollow and then they showed up. As Albert Brooks said in Broadcast News, "I say it here; it comes out there."

Well, if you're a big American Pickers fan, I bet you'd love to visit one of their guesthouses. Guess what? You can.

One of the series' stars, Mike Wolfe, has opened his one-bedroom Two Lanes Guesthouse in downtown Columbia, Tennessee as a vacation rental and it is REPLETE with many of his finds.

It would be like spending the weekend in one of the show's episodes, wouldn't it?

Take a look:

Stay in an American Picker's Guest House in Tennessee

If you're an American Pickers fan (and even if you're not), you'd have to believe one of their guest houses would be unbelievably cool. Well, you'd be right.

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