Okay, I'm 36 years old and I haven't sat in Santa's lap in many years, but this year, I discovered a new way to tell the big guy all my wishes. Presenting Santa Bot! I think it was just a matter of time before Santa discovered the internet.

Santa Bot is a Christmas version of Clever Bot, which is also a virtual chatting experience if you need to talk to someone for fun or ask questions. It's a sort of a search engine with a personal touch. You have to be a little careful with Santa, he's a little sneaky, but then he/the server also can only generate a logical answer to your various questions.

For example, I told Santa Bot I wanted an iPad for Christmas (not really) and he asked me why I wanted it? Um, why should I explain why I want it? So I made up an excuse.

**Parents, if you want to check it out first before you let the kiddos take the wheel, I would strongly suggest it, because Santa can be a little tricky with his answers, but it's all in good fun.** I honestly think this more a site for adults than kids. Happy Chatting and keep Santa on his toes!