Many, many years ago, what is now Highway 144 was U.S. 60 East in Owensboro and IT WAS HOPPIN'!

That stretch of road was lined with restaurants and retail establishments and it was home to one of Owensboro's busiest strip malls.

You're seeing a picture of Consumer Mall, but do you remember the name of the huge department store that used to be there?

The one with the AWESOME lunch counter/dining area? (Talk about DELICIOUS burgers!)

Yes, you in the back! You got it! King's Department Store.

It was enormous...or so I thought as a little kid. And it was gone by the early 80s, but my family and I did a lot of tradin' there, as they might say on The Andy Griffith Show.

Do you remember some of the OTHER stores in that strip mall?

I'm gonna give it a whirl and say that I remember when Wyndall's Supermarket was on the other end and Dennis & Akers Drugstore (talk about an awesome lunch counter) was somewhere in the middle, along with Ben Franklin 5 & 10. And, of course, there was a Pizza Roma.

What am I missing? I'm pretty sure there was something else but I can't come up with it.



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