When I was a kid, I knew the names of all the broadcasters on the Evansville TV stations. At present, I can remember Brad Byrd, David James, Mike Blake, and, of course, Marcia Yockey, who did the weather for WFIE.

On separate occasions, my dad and I got a chance to meet Marcia Yockey--Dad when she spoke at a Kiwanis luncheon in Newburgh WAAAAYYY back in the day, and me when she made an appearance at a carnival at Lincoln Mall.

We lived right down the street from Lincoln Mall when I was growing up. So us kids just rode our bikes up the way to ride the rides and, lo and behold, there was MARCIA YOCKEY!

I was thrilled to death. Wish I still had the picture of me and her, but I cannot find it.

However, I did find an old video of Marcia doing the weather from JAIL.

She absolutely earned her "local legend" status:

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