I looooooove me some Buc-ee's. It's a wonderland of anything and everything you may need or want on a road trip and beyond. With the brand spanking new store in Smith's Grove, Kentucky, lots of folks will get to visit for the very first time.

It's the smallest town with a Buc-ee's but the selection of delicious treats and food is enormous. It can be really overwhelming even if you've been there before. Everyone raves about the Buc-ee Nuggets and brisket (I mean their "brisket on the board!" mantra IS iconic,) but there is so much goodness you may miss out on if you stick to just the most popular items.

This list may have at least a couple really popular items, but some of the things could be easily passed by unless you are "in the know." I'm here to help. Your "Beaver Guru" if you will.

Ten Delicious Things -Other Than Brisket- to Eat on Your Next Buc-ee's Visit

  1. Smoked Turkey Sandwich- it has that tasty sauce from the brisket sandwich but switches things up a bit if you want something different.
  2. Baked Potato Salad- this is lighter than other potato salads. With bacon and green onions, it is the perfect salty but not too salty combo with the sweet sauce on the turkey sandwich.
  3. Beaver Chips- handmade fresh-fried chips are super crunchy
  4. Pickled Okra/Spicy Pickled Okra- are you even really southern if you don't like pickled okra? I love the spicy version of this too. It has a heck of a kick if you like that.
  5. Maple Cherry Jerky or Lemon Pepper Jerky- Buc-ee's has a wall of jerky and its hard to decide what to get. These are my two favorites! One is sweeter and one is savory.
  6. Coconut Cream Pie Cup- if you love coconut, this is heavenly! They also have chocolate pie, key lime, and banana pudding.
  7. Fruity Pebbles Rice Crispy Treat- crunchy, chewy, sweet, and fruity, this really is a treat.
  8. Beaver Tail Pastry- We love that the name is on theme with the store, and honestly it kinda looks like one! This pastry is even better if you ask the awesome folks at the bakery to warm it up for you.
  9. Chamoy Peach Rings- if you'd like your gummy candy a little zesty this is for you. Good ole peach rings with spicy salty goodness.
  10. Mini Cookies- in flavors like lemon crisps, cinnamon churro, chocolate chip and my favorite, sprinkle, these are a great crunchy sweet snack.

You can get anything your heart desires to wash it down with! My ten-year-old son, Rollins loves to visit the ICEE machines with flavors like Wild Watermelon and Dr. Pepper. My husband, Michael loves to make an Arnold Palmer with Lemonade and Tea over at the soda fountain with infinite flavor combos.

I love the iced coffee bar. You can get hot coffee too, but the best part is that there are creamers and sweeteners of all kinds. With several non-dairy options, you can make it to your liking. The coffee itself is really nice and they have the "good ice." If you know, you know.

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What are your favorite things to eat at Buc-ee's that maybe aren't as popular as the brisket or beaver nuggets, but still delicious?

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