How many sets of twins do you remember from your high school graduating class? Or were there any?

In my graduating class, there was one set of twins.

In Boyle County, the story is a little different.

The Lexington Herald-Leader caught up with Boyle High School senior, Benjamin Johnson, who said the most he'd ever heard of was ten sets of twins in an ENTIRE school.

But he and his brother Samuel are one of ten sets of twins in their graduating class alone.

And the staff senior class coordinator, Susan Michaels, said she didn't even realize the oddity until she was ordering caps and gowns.

One half of one of those Boyle County sets of twins, Bryan Stocker, told the Herald-Leader that this particular class has been, sort of, "collecting" sets of twins over the years.

And, now, there will be ten. They're a mixed bag of identical and fraternal twins, but, yeah, TEN sets of twins.

And we wish them all bright futures.


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