A few years ago, I attended ostrich races at Ellis Park. To say the least, it was a unique experience. On the opposite end of the scale, I can't say ENOUGH about how much I enjoyed it...until one of them got angry.

Nothing happened. Let me clear that up. But we were right down there next to the track to take it all in, and one of the ostriches went off script and turned right for us. Good times. Seriously, though, it really was nothing more than a close call.

Are Emus as Mean as Ostriches, Their Fellow Ratites?

Bottom line...don't make an ostrich angry. They CAN and WILL outrun you. And they can be spectacularly mean. Their ratite cousins, the emus, are a bit of a different story. According to birdfact.com, they are not known for their aggression, but they might "stalk" a human, if only out of curiosity. Of course, if you startle one, that might be a different story, but that's like any animal, I would imagine.

Emus Can Run Very Fast

And yes, like their ostrich brethren, emus can run very fast.

Two things...emus look like someone running with their hands tied behind their backs (only not as fast), AND they should all have that theme music playing when they do.

An Emu Leads Tennessee Police on a Slow-Speed 20-Mile Chase

Now, there was no music present in Tennessee when police had to chase an emu for 20 miles before capturing it. When I first heard about this, I thought one somehow escaped from a zoo. But that is not the case. Emus can be pets in Tennessee, and this one got spooked.

How ironic that an emu, as fast as it can run, led Harriman TN police on a SLOW-SPEED chase until they caught up with him. What I love about this story is how uplifting it is. As mentioned in the report, Tennessee has been through the wringer the past few weeks and needed a story that puts a smile on everyone's faces.

One more thing, the emu's owner, Harry McKinney, wins the award for "Best Line of the Week If It Had No Context." Honestly, it's not often you hear someone say, "If you see my emu, please let me know."

The emu has been safely returned to McKinney, and Tennessee has the feel-good story it has absolutely needed.

[SOURCE: southernliving.com]

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