This has been a topic of discussion for QUITE a few years, now, and it isn't going away. And it usually intensifies when we go long stretches without having Halloween on one of the two "optimal" days.

It's funny.

This year, the 4th of July fell on a Thursday. Well, "so what" is the initial reaction from most people.

But then that weekend felt like Thanksgiving weekend and it occurred to me how rarely Independence Day happens on Thursdays.

Same story with Halloween.

It seems that Leap Years set up a situation where Halloween "skips" Friday and Saturday.

I have a 40-year desk calendar that tells me Halloween has fallen on Saturday exactly twice in the last 20 years.

It's only happened three times on Friday.

That's a mere five times that Halloween has occurred on the two most preferable days of the week--with Saturday being the MORE preferable of the preferable.

Since many people believe Halloween was MADE for Saturdays, there's an online petition circulating that, if successful, would move Halloween--permanently--to the last Saturday.

This petition has more than 60,000 signatures with a goal of 75,000.

I have no idea if this will make a difference, just as I have no idea if 75,000 signatures would be NEARLY enough.

But I also know we're not talking about a federal holiday. The reason for Halloween being on October 31st dates back thousands of years, so it's not like anyone who was around for the first one is gonna say anything if it were moved.

What do you think?

To be perfectly honest, I don't see why it would be a big deal to make the last Saturday in October the permanent location for Halloween.

I mean, look at this there a very specific reason for Thanksgiving falling on the fourth Thursday in November instead of a permanent date?

Other than Franklin Roosevelt said that's the way is was going to be?

I'm starting to think the MAJORITY would prefer Halloween on the last Saturday.

If it gets enough traction, it'll be time to trot out the rubber stamp.

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