I am faithful to many teams.  Louisville, WKU, the Tennessee Titans (although after yesterday, maybe not so much), and the Chicago Bears I count among my favorites, but one team stands above the rest, the National League Champions, the St. Louis Cardinals.  These past few weeks have been the stuff of dreams for many Cardinals fans we all thought, there was no way St. Louis would make even a division playoff this year.  WRONG! and how sweet it is.  The Cardinals are back in the World Series for the first time in five years and hey, they won it all in that last trip.  Standing in their way are last year's American League champs, the Texas Rangers, who beat the team St. Louis beat in the World Series in 2006, the Detroit Tigers.  Rude! 

If you are following the action, the Rangers tied the series 2-2 last night, and tonight's contest is the last in Arlington before both teams head back to Busch Stadium.  I've sacrificed many of my regular shows to stick with the Cardinals' every play, except for last night.  I'm not a big believer in superstitions, but when it comes to sports, I'm very superstitious.  Here's why.  I missed Albert Pujols' three home runs and the Cardinals excessive womping of Texas on Saturday night.  So last night, when Texas was ahead 1-0, I decided to bail and catch The Walking Dead, which seemed harmless, but in the end, Derek Holland outpitched whoever the Cardinals put up and  Rangers catcher Mike Napoli hit a three-run dinger and the Rangers won 4-0.  Dang!  So tonight's question, should I watch or not watch?

Maybe I should watch so I can see this over enthusiastic Rangers grounds crew member dance around like an idiot.  He will motivate me and all of Cardinal Nation to MESS with Texas.  Enjoy!

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