I recently exchanged my Blackberry--which completely froze up and called it a day--for a snazzy new Motorola Atrix II, an Android phone. Well, I love it. It has a million features I've never had before in a mobile device. And one of those features is the sometimes annoying "predictive text." Today, I was broadcasting live from Hometown IGA on 25th Street in Owensboro. So I decided to post that I was here on the WBKR Facebook page. When I typed in that I was "broadcasting live from IGA," the phone didn't recognize "IGA" and put in "Uganda." That's hilarious. Suppose we all left our predictive texts alone and didn't correct them when they entered the wrong word. For example, I could leave it alone and be known as Dave Special, not Dave Spencer. Or maybe Dave Speaker. How about Moon Multiple and Chad Benefit, your WBKR Waking Crew? Taking you through your midday, we have Jaclyn Grand. And don't forget to wish everyone you see a Merely Christmas! As a matter of fact I SAID I have a new Motorola Atrix II, but maybe it's a...well, Motorola Atrix really does come up. I guess it DOES know it's own name. But it has no idea who Jerrod Niemann is, unless of course you call him Jerrod Norma. Yes, I have found a new pastime--outguessing my predictive text. Hey, it's harmless fun. That's what toys are for.

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