Cell phones have become a huge part of our daily lives over the last decade or so. They give us the opportunity to take a picture or shoot a video any time we want, order food and other products, pay our bills, watch movies or TV shows, and find the answer to practically any question that pops into our minds in a matter of seconds. But, as the Corydon Civil Defense Fire & Rescue noted earlier this week, they also have the potential to cause serious damage to our homes if we're not careful.

Corydon Fire & Rescue Shares Pictures of Fire Damage After Cell Battery Overheats

On Thursday, the department shared a few photos on its Facebook page of the potential danger lurking inside the mini-computers we carry around in our pockets and purses after responding to a 911 call about a cell phone catching fire inside a home. The pictures show what's left of the cell phone's case along with a badly burnt and damaged battery, and a melted, black spot on what appears to be a kitchen countertop where the phone was sitting.

Corydon Civil Defense Fire & Rescue via Facebook
Corydon Civil Defense Fire & Rescue via Facebook

According to the post, the phone was sitting on the counter charging with the factory-issued cord when the battery overheated and caught fire. Fortunately, the homeowner was able to put the fire out before Fire & Rescue arrived on the scene.

Of course, had the owner not noticed the smoking cell phone for a while, or if it had been sitting on our near something more flammable, this incident could have ended much differently. Along with the pictures Fire & Rescue shared with permission from the homeowner, they also shared the following tips so you can prevent something like this from happening to you.

<p>1- keep them away from water/wet locations</p><p>2- never lay a charging cell phone/tablet on a couch, mattress, pillow etc.</p><p>3- monitor the charging cell phone/tablet for excessive heat</p><p>4- only use factory-supplied chargers</p><p>5- never use damaged chargers</p><p>6- avoid plugging chargers into extension cords</p><p>7- never charge your cell phone/tablet in a hazardous area</p><p>8- never leave a cell phone/tablet charging while you're not home</p>

[Source: Corydon Civil Defense Fire & Rescue on Facebook]

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