I'm no expert but I do know that hot weather after the official beginning of autumn can have an effect on fall foliage.

But our peak foliage in the tri-state doesn't usually occur until late October/early November. Is that far enough away from last week's ridiculous heat blast?

I guess we'll see soon enough.

However, if you're the type who likes to plan little road trips AROUND fall foliage, you need a fall foliage map.

And I just happen to have one.

A big thanks to SmokyMountains.com for this cool prediction map which shows where we are right now:


But click on that link and cursor across the map to find out exactly when we should be at peak beauty in our area.

According to this map, it doesn't appear as if we'll be at peak foliage until mid-November.

That seems late but it also could be reflective of that heat I mentioned earlier. Maybe it's pushing the colors back later than usual.

Anyway, there's your map. Enjoy your fall road trip. Maybe I'll see you out there.

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