My name is Chad and, for the second time in a week, I am confessing and proudly owning that I am a pizzaholic.  I eat pizza multiple times a week. In fact, I had it for dinner last night- a little ham and pineapple action from 54 Pizza Express in Owensboro, Kentucky, (my hometown).  Any time I travel, I love scoping out the best, most popular pizza places in whatever city or state I am in.  Last week, I assembled a list called The Best Pizza in Kentucky's Largest Cities.  Because I live just ten minutes from southern Indiana, I decided to share the love with the Hoosier State too.

So, here they are! The Best Pizza Places in Indiana's Largest Cities. This list is based on actual reviews and rankings from TripAdvisor. I've only tried one of these places so far, but I am ready to hit the road to mark them off my list.

#10- Bruno's (LAFAYETTE)

#9- Pizza by the Harbour (NOBLESVILLE)

#8- Edwardo's All Natural Pizza (HAMMOND)

#7- Mother Bear's Pizza (BLOOMINGTON)

#6- Bazbeaux Pizza (CARMEL)

#5- Rocco's (SOUTH BEND)

#4- Rockstone & Big-Lug Taproom (FISHERS)

Rockstone via Facebook
Rockstone via Facebook

#3- Azzip Pizza West (EVANSVILLE)

#2- 800 Degrees Wood Fired Pizza (FORT WAYNE)

And, this is interesting! When I started compiling this list, I didn't imagine a scenario in which the best pizza place in the sixth largest city in Indiana would also be the best pizza place in THE largest city in the state. But, here we are!

The top-rated pizza place in Indianapolis is . . .

#1- Bazbeau Pizza (INDIANAPOLIS)

There you have them! The best pizza places in the largest cities in Indiana.

Before I wrap up, I do have to give a shout out to my personal honorable mention- Turoni's in Evansville & Newburgh.

At least once a month I take a 40-minute road trip across the river to eat at Turoni's Forget-Me-Not Inn on Weinbach Avenue. For your convenience and culinary pizza pleasure, there are also locations on Main Street in Evansville and another in Newburgh. Now that I have assembled this list, I may have to gas up Fred the Fusion and road trip to a bunch of other places as well.

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