I am a huge fan of Kings Island in Mason, Ohio.  When I was in high school, my friends and I would make a trip at least once every summer.   And, when I was in college at the University of Louisville, we went a lot!  The park has seen many changes over the last twenty years or so.  There are some amazing new rides.  Some old favorites are no longer there.  Some of the rides are still thrilling guests and have achieved legendary status.  Kings Island is now open for the season and I decided to rank my favorite rides to help get you ready for the summer!


I'll be honest, I was a bit disappointed in the payoff of the #WhatsInTheShed marketing campaign.  But, it doesn't even matter what's in that shed at the end of the ride.  What truly matters is the airtime you get while riding in this out-of-control wooden coaster.  Count 'em!  There are SIXTEEN airtime moments in Mystic Timbers, voted the Best New Ride in the World 2017 by Amusement Today.  I got to ride for the first time last August and I can't wait to ride again when I go back this year!  Some wooden coasters can rough you up like you're in an amusement park Fight Club.  Not this one!  It's so smooth it's mystic!


There's really no way to accurately describe the sensation you feel while riding Delirium.  Think of it as a really fun way to have sinus surgery.  LOL!  But, no, seriously.  The force you feel against your face as Delirium twists and turns and thrusts you toward the sky will literally take your breath away and clean out your nasal cavity.  I'll let you in on my annual ritual.  As soon as I enter the park, I take an immediate left and start my day off riding Delirium.  It's an immediate jolt that gets me ready for my day!  And here's another tip for you.  If the line's short, hop off the ride and get back in line and ride again.  Let Delirium wreck your equilibrium!


Kings Island is home to this monster!  It's THE longest inverted steel roller coaster in the world.  The track is 4,142 feet long and the twists, flips and turns are insane.  Now,I have to make a recommendation.  Though you may be waiting in line a little longer I highly suggest getting in line for the front row.  There's just something about the unobstructed freedom you'll feel as you literally fly through the air screaming like a Banshee!


One of the most legendary roller coasters in the world!  The Beast at Kings Island is just that.  It is a monster of a roller coaster that winds its way around and speeds through 35 acres of wooded landscape.  Now, here's the absolutely best tip I can give you for any ride I have ever ridden anywhere.   Whatever you do, plan your day at Kings Island around NIGHT!!  You must . . . must . . . MUST . . . ride The Beast in the dark.  It's one of the most out-of-control and thrilling experiences you will ever have on a roller coaster.  About an hour and a half before the park closes, visit The Beast and gauge the wait time.  If the wait bumps up against the time the park closes, get in line and get ready!  It's going to blow your mind.


For decades, The Beast was my absolute favorite ride at Kings Island.  That is until the park unleashed the steel coaster Diamondback!  Diamondback features 5,282 feet is amazing heights, drops, twists and turns.  And its speed is relentless.  Yep!  Diamondback tops out at a whopping 80 miles per hour and I'm pretty sure you can see Cincinnati from the top of the first hill.  With it's stacked seating, there's not a bad spot on the coaster.  That said, I highly recommend getting a spot right in the very front.  You'll feel like you're barreling through the sky like the nucleus of a comet.  It's freaking amazing . . . astronomical.

For more information about Kings Island and to see more rides and attractions at the park, CLICK HERE!

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