Happy Halloween!!  We're celebrating the day with a look at the Five Most Haunted Places in Owensboro courtesy of our friend David Wolfe, who owns and operates The Haunts of Owensboro Ghost Tours downtown.  David has done tons of paranormal research about Owensboro's haunted history and here are the places that are allegedly the most troubled and disturbed!

#1-  Theatre Workshop of Owensboro (Old Trinity Centre)

KET via YouTube
KET via YouTube

Theatre fans and supernatural experts claim that TWO's Old Trinity Centre is haunted by five different spirits.   The most active spirit is a young lady who allegedly took her own life by hanging herself in the tower.  As urban legend has it . . . her death actually caused another.  According to folklore, when a priest walked into the church, looked up and saw what the woman had done, he became so distraught and haunted by the image, that he went down into the basement (which is creepy as hell) and took his own life as well.  There are also reports that TWO is haunted by choir ghosts and the doors of the center routinely open and close by themselves.  Check out the video below to get some additional insight into Owensboro's most haunted building!

#2-  The Campbell Club

David Wolfe has authored a book about The Haunts of Owensboro and will be having his book signing here because of its long and storied history with spirits.  One of the most popular stories from the club involves Chef Matt Weafer, who recalls the time he noticed a young pretty lady sitting at and peering out the front window of the building.  Matt assumed that the young lady was a customer and asked fellow staff members about her.  When they went to address her, she was gone.  Vanished.  Into the night.  Of course, all involved are convinced that she was never even truly there.  At least in human form. 

#3- The Miller House

It has its share of bourbon and its share of haunts. And one of the alleged spirits is quite playful.  The Miller House is rumored to be home to a little girl who loves playing with a ball that she bounces up and down the stairs. A former bartender at the restaurant has also relayed an eerie story about one night alone in the Spirits Lounge.  From the floor above, he heard footsteps, a mysterious woman's voice and a crying baby.  Upon investigation, there was nothing, no one there.

#4- The International Bluegrass Museum

KET via YouTube
KET via YouTube

Yes!  Ghosts apparently like to "romp" a bit too!  And the International Bluegrass Music Museum is home to one of the scariest stories of downtown Owensboro.  One night, two police officers were call to the museum after thunderstorms triggered the alarm system.  During their investigation they found something far more disturbing.  There were allegedly images of an apparition captured on the surveillance system. Later that same spirit apparently summoned the elevator.  Officers, convinced that someone was inside the building with them, drew their guns.  When the elevator doors opened.  Nothing.  Except a chill.  A spine-tingling drop in temperature.  You can hear more details about this story in the video below.

#5- The Museum of Science and History

The building that houses the Owensboro Museum of Science and History has a long and haunted history.  To this day, it's not uncommon to hear the faucets being turned on and off and there's a young man who loves playing in the shadow room.  And sometimes his shadow sticks around!

And here's some more history about The Haunts of Owensboro as featured in a special feature on KET!

 Again, a BIG thanks to David Wolfe from The Haunts of Owensboro!  You can hear additional details about these haunted structures and many more on David's tour.

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