October 14th is the day after my birthday and it's also the day the remake of Footloose (this link also features an interview with the new Ren McCormick, Kenny Worland) will hit theaters.  If you watch closely, you'll see a lot of familiar nuances from the original; I swear I think they may or may not have used the same script; only it's been punched up to the 21st century and Kevin Bacon's wardrobe may have been raided.

Just to refresh your memory, Ren McCormick bops into Bomont (isn't that misspelled?) just as the town has banned dancing after a group of teens were killed driving home one night from a dance.  Ren meets the preacher's daughter Ariel, this time played the multi-talented Julianne Hough.  And, well you know how the rest goes.  I just want to know has Kenny Loggins been informed or is a new hipper version of his theme song on the horizon?  Probably so, take a gander at the first official trailer for Footloose.


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