This morning here at WBKR, Angel and I challenged folks in the WBKR listening area to help settle the great debate once and for all.  Toilet Paper: Over or Under?  The responses were impassioned and hilarious!  Our buddy Ricky Evans sent a message that said "Over over over over over over!  Go look for the patent for toilet paper.  It shows OVER!"  Charlie Johnson called in to let us know that, after yesterday, it doesn't matter at his house.  He and his wife just purchased a bidet.  LOL!  And Randy Pedley, from Ohio County, put it a slight different terminology.  He said, "It's BEARDS.  Not MULLETS."

Here's what other WBKR listeners had to say . . .

So, what do YOU think?  Toilet Paper: Over or Under?  Or are you just like me and don't really care.  Well, as long as there's some handy when you need it.

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