It was one of those routine visits with my mom. They've happened before. They'll likely happen again. But on this particular night--and a particularly muggy one, at that--I walked out of the front door into a swarm of whatever THOSE things are (see photo on left). For lack of a more specific term, I'll just call them bugs.

Yep, I walked out and immediately my head was coated with these flying, swarming insects. There were millions of them. They weren't mosquitoes, thank God. No telling what I'd look like if that were the case. There wouldn't BE enough calamine lotion. You know, I was reminded of that old Off! commercial where the lady sticks her Off!-coated arm into that large glass box full of mosquitoes to get a one hundred dollar bill.  Anyway, I had no Off! but I didn't need any. What I do need is less humidity! But more than that, I need for the extremely cold winter weather to kill them off  like I thought it was supposed to do. I'm beginning to think that's folklore. See, I'd always heard that if the winter was cold enough, we wouldn't have bug problems. And this past winter featured an entire month where the temperature never got above freezing. If we're going to be miserable for 30 days, at least we could look forward to a pay-off. No such luck. As I write, it occurs to me that even if that were true--it might be; I'm no expert--we endured a pretty nasty spring that left us surrounded by standing water for many weeks. Our little six-legged friends love that. Oh well, I've ranted. I guess there's nothing left to do but learn to love it. At least I get to perfect my Dance of the Flailing Arms every now and again.