Our Nashville insider, Nashville Kat, told us this week that country music singer Kip Moore admits that he can eat a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts in one setting.  Angel, apparently feeling a little too big for her britches, said, "I could eighteen if there were hot off the belt."  So, we put her to the test.  We got a dozen hot Krispy Kreme donuts and subjected her to the Kip Moore Krispy Kreme Challenge.  And here's the hysterical play-by-play!

At 7:20am, the challenge officially began!

Immediately, Angel started getting more donuts on her hands and her clothing than in her mouth.  Exhibit A!


But she was being a trooper and, after inhaling the first three donuts, tackled another stack!

Then, things started to get rough and rather undignified rather quickly.  Look at this hot mess of an action shot.


And then, we brought in a professional (Googler) to share some distressing news with Angel.  #OfficialCalorieCount

And, then, after about 45 minutes of trying to shovel a dozen donuts into her mouth, Angel surrendered and sprawled out onto the studio floor.

Well, she tried!  The final score: Krispy Kreme: 1, Angel: 0.

Now that you've seen the Kip Moore Krispy Kreme Challenge explained and attempted, what do ya think?  Could you eat a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts in one sitting?


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