Do you know a high school or college student who loves learning about the weather? A lot can be learned in the classroom or by doing their own research, but nothing compares to gaining some real-life experience in atmospheric science.

The National Weather Service in Paducah is currently accepting applications for their Student Volunteer Program this coming summer 2024.  The deadline is approaching March 15th, so here is what you need to know.

The National Weather Service Paducah High School Student Opportunities

High schoolers interested in learning more about weather sciences can apply to shadow NWS Paducah staff to see their day-to-day responsibilities. Learn how to track weather events and the kinds of skills needed to follow this career path after graduation.

The National Weather Service Paducah College Student Opportunities

According to the NWS Paducah website, "Students studying atmospheric science, meteorology, climatology, hydrology, or a related field who have completed their sophomore year can apply to be an in-person summer student volunteer." This is an in-depth look anywhere from 8-24 hours a week learning from forecasters, getting familiar with the weather radar equipment, and preparing a research project to present at the end of the summer.

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How to Apply for The National Weather Service Paducah Student Volunteer Program

The high school shadowing program is open based on daily staff availability, but the college summer program is limited to only one to three students. Necessary information includes a resume, college transcript, and a statement explaining the desire to participate in the program. Everything you need to know is listed on the NWS Paducah website here or you can contact Derrick Snyder at

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