Your BBB® warns that there is a new scam on the horizon! If you ever had your phone ring once and didn’t recognize the number, be glad: you just saved yourself $30! Scammers use a bunch of international area codes that don’t require a foreign code to dial up to charge people up to $30. Before we tell you all about the scam, remember: if you need help or have a question, call your BBB!

Here’s how they trick you

The one ring scam works like this: scammers use a robot to place internet calls, but they only let the phone ring once. If you answer, the robot will just hang up on you, which is not bad. However, if you have a missed call and decide to call back, think twice! Most of the time people realize that the area code is from the Caribbean and a call to this part of the world will likely cost between $15 and $30!

And that’s not even the end of this one ring scam! Your phone number will be added to a database and the crooks will sign you up through your cell provider for non-existent services.

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