I had never heard of the painted rock scavenger hunt until an actual painted rock showed up on our figurative doorstep at WBKR.

Our friend Kristyn, an extended member of the WBKR family, was here and told me all about it.

She tells me they've been found all over Evansville, including one at a Panera Bread on Burkhardt Road. That one had a fire truck on it.

There was another one with a picture of the sun.

A blogger for Martha Stewart's website offers an explanation as to WHY we're seeing them and there's even a specific Facebook page for Kentucky called "Kentucky Painted Rocks Treasure Hunt."

But that page hasn't been updated since late September. So maybe this isn't as prevalent in the Commonwealth as it is elsewhere.

I'd love to be proven wrong about that because I think this is really cool.

Yes, I'm a fool for scavenger hunts.

Anyway, at this writing, that rock is still there where we found it...


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