Good news for local donut lovers.  18th Street is about to get CRAZY! The Rolling Pin Pastry Shop in Owensboro, which has been closed since last month after a vehicle plowed into the building on Christmas Eve, hopes to reopen its doors this weekend.  Late last night, owners shared a very optimistic post about the recent repairs and their progress.

According to the post, if all goes as planned, final inspections on the building should take place Friday afternoon and the Rolling Pin could then reopen to the public on Saturday morning.  As the post suggests, "We can almost smell the sweetness in the air!"  We can too.

The Rolling Pin, like so many local restaurants, has had a pretty tumultuous and unpredictable year.  Early last year, the bakery closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.  Things were going well into the holiday season and then the Christmas Eve accident forced another closure and a month full of repairs to the store.  Luckily, those repairs are nearing completion and it looks highly likely that Rolling Pin will welcome back customers Saturday morning!

Each year here at WBKR, we host a fun poll- Who Has the Best Donuts in the Tristate? The Rolling Pin is always a contender for the top spot.

The Five Best Donut Shops in the Tristate 2020

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