One winter storm down.  And, according to the National Weather Service, we have another brewing that's taking aim at the tristate.  After several mild winters in a row, we're certainly making up for lost time.  Last week, we had a pretty significant ice storm (and much of that ice has stuck around).  Yesterday, we endured our first significant snowfall in years.  Later this week, we're potentially going to get another.  Here's the latest on our what is shaping up to be our second snow storm in a week.

National Weather Service

As you can see, it's not yet quite clear just what type of precipitation we're going to get.  We may get snow.  We may get ice.  We may get a combination of both.

The Weather Channel has published its initial snowfall predictions for our second winter storm of the week.  The precipitation is expected to begin late Wednesday then intensify overnight Wednesday into Thursday.  It's suggested we could see an additional four inches of snow on top of what we already have.  Those totals were echoed by Wayne Hart last night on Eyewitness News.

Of course, any additional accumulation will fall on top of what we've already gotten with this week's winter weather and the ice leftover from last week's icing event.  That could worsen driving conditions in the tristate.

The Weather Channel

Here are some helpful safety tips from the National Weather Service:

National Weather Service

Of course, as you know, winter weather conditions can change dramatically and likely will.  Here at WBKR, we'll continue to work with the National Weather Service and our weather partners at Eyewitness News to keep you fully up-to-date on the developing system.

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