You may never think in a million years your child would become one of the countless warriors fighting cancer, meet Brock Pederson. 

11-year-old Brock is the son of Amye and Shayne Pederson. Amye grew up in Ohio County and she also has family in Owensboro.

She donated and helped out Emma Ford from Muhlenberg County at the behest of her best friend Michelle Vincent. As you know, little Emma lost her fight at the age of 4. Last October, Brock felt a knot that seemed to go away, but another appeared. In November, the Pedersons learned their son has T Cell Lymphoblatic Lymphoma.

Through Emma's fight, Brock knew about cancer. He loves video games and he especially loves playing baseball and he just tried out for a team. Only recently has Brock been able to start chemotherapy but he has a positive outlook.

His head is now shaved, which he resisted, but at a Super Bowl party, all the guys joined Brock and shaved their heads too.

He has a special message for not only for his "Aunt Baize" (Michelle) but for all of us at the WBKR Window World St. Jude Radiothon:

Call us now at 1-800-201-8883 or you can text WBKR to 626262 and follow the link to donate. Become at St. Jude Partner in Hope for just $20/month on a debit or credit card. You'll receive a  Bat for Brock!

You can follow Brock's journey HERE.

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