I love the Big Dipper. Most Owensboroans do. I love everything about places like this...those great old hangouts that have been around forever.

I found out recently that my parents had an opportunity to buy it WAAAAAAY back in the day--like in the 1960s.

Oh, what might have been!

Anyway, my love for this Owensboro icon has yielded my own personal Ten Commandments of the Big Dipper.

So, in no particular order:

1. Thou shalt not turn left into the Big Dipper from Parrish Avenue. I understand how badly you want to get there, but it's very nearly an impossible task. Just go up a couple of blocks to Starlite Drive and turn around.

2. Thou shalt not forget that the grilled tuna sandwich at the Dipper is AMAZING! They use grilled and buttered toast. Heaven on Earth. Seriously, don't go all "I'm not going to the Dipper and getting TUNA FISH!" If you like tuna sandwiches, YES YOU ARE! Well... if you WANT to. (Trust me, you want to.)

Dave Spencer

3. Thou shalt not forget that the Dipper is closed on Sundays. I don't want you to be awash in deep disappointment when you had your heart set on a bowl of Dipper chili and a grilled cheese. (Or whatever other fine offering available there.)

4. Thou shalt not forget how much we help our community when we tip at the Dipper. Case in point:

Dave Spencer

5. Thou shalt not forget the legendary Pig in a Blanket. 'Nuff said.

6. Thou shalt not forget how delicious Big Dipper milk shakes are...especially chocolate.

7. Thou shalt not forget about the picnic tables on either side of the Dipper. On a nice day, park the car or truck and stay a while.

8. Thou shalt not forget how limited your opportunities are to find TATER TOTS in this town...unless you hit up the Ore Ida section at your grocer's freezer. But who wants to do that?!? The Dipper has the tots. The Dipper ROCKS the tots!

Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock

9. Thou shalt not forget where it all started...with the HAMBURGER. This one's really for me, but maybe some of YOU also get lost in all the incredible offerings on that Dipper menu board and forget just how delicious their burgers are!

10. Finally, thou shalt not forget to bring CASH! Don't flash the plastic at the Dipper. It will get you nowhere fast. And THEN how will you feel?

Dave Spencer