Friends, Family and Social Media tell me that it's Mother's Day, but it doesn't feel like it for me. Life changed in 2014 and nothing will ever be the same again, especially Mother's Day.

I know many of you can relate to how hard it can be after you lose your Mom on this day. You don't have a Mom anymore to have lunch with, buy a special gift for and celebrate with. For those, who don't appreciate your Mother's, I say change that now, as you don't know when this could be YOUR last Mother's Day. I'd give anything to have mine back!

My Mom had my sister and I so young, and her and Daddy struggled for many years, but we always had more love than any amount of money could buy. In this picture, I am in my Mom's belly almost ready to enter this big, beautiful world!

My Mom would spend hours to find the perfect card to reflect her thoughts. She sent cards for any and all holidays to all of her friends and family! My Mom was so kind and loved by so many and I know I'm not alone when I say how much she's missed. I'm so happy I saved a few of her thoughtful cards to cherish forever. "I Love You More"

We didn't have much, but Mom always found a way to make Christmas special.

Mom had been sick for the entire week when we were home for vacation and on the day before we were set to head back to Kentucky, she decided to get out of the house and we had a day I will always cherish. This is one of my favorite pictures of Mom and I.

This was from the 70's and a much simpler time. I love my Mom's smile!

I'll always cherish the times we spent at our cabin in Canada. My Mom was so bad about feeding the dogs even when we begged her not to as there would always be a mess that followed. Sadie, Meeko and Harley are all waiting for scraps and I can tell from my Mom's smirk they probably got some!