I love old folklore!  One of my favorites is whether or not a woolly worm can predict winter weather or not? 

I noticed on facebook the other day that my friend, Diana Selby, posted a picture of woolly worm on a flower.  She made the comment about the possibility of a long hard winter so I started looking around to see what it meant.

Old folklore says the amount of black on the woolly worm in autumn predicts the severity of the upcoming winter.  Depending on how long the woolly worms black bands, depends on how long, cold, snowy, and severe the winter will be.  People also say the woolly worm has 13 segments to its body, which many traditional forecasters say it mirrors the 13 weeks of winter.

Diana Selby Facebook
Diana Selby Facebook

By the looks of this little guy our winter is going to be a butt kicker if folklore is correct!

Have you seen any woolly worms or heard any other folklore stories about woolly worms or winter weather predictors?  We would love to see your pictures and hear your stories!




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