I love finding lists like this one. I went through the entire list of 50 states and the "iconic" movie set in each one.

I was counting the ones I'd actually visited.

I also counted a couple that I don't think COUNT at all. Sure, Gone with the Wind is set in Georgia, but it was all done in Hollywood.

As for The Wizard of Oz, its Kansas setting is as iconic as anything else in the classic film. It's just that that's all it is...a setting. The Wizard of Oz was shot entirely in California.

As for the rest, I'll take them alphabetically, starting with Arizona.

While Tombstone was filmed in Arizona, I'm not sure it was filmed IN Tombstone, although it could've been.

I've been there and it seems Tombstone's tourism bureau tries to maintain the old west look and it does that very well.

But, again, the Tombstone movie crew may have wanted something the REAL Tombstone couldn't offer

Then there's Connecticut. I actually drove into Mystic, Connecticut, the location for Mystic Pizza.

I ate at McDonald's. Yeah, I know.

Up next is my favorite...IOWA. That's because I planned an entire trip around visiting the set of Field of Dreams, which is maintained as a tourist attraction to this day.


While multiple movies have been shot in Kentucky, the author of this list picked Elizabethtown as the Commonwealth's top iconic movie set.

I wasn't a fan of the movie, but I thought all the location shooting was very cool. I just don't know where the Orlando Bloom character was headed when he left the Louisville airport. The scene has him traveling through the I-64 tunnel--wrong way, dude.

It also has him crossing into Indiana on DRY LAND. Coming from Kentucky, that's impossible.

I've been to big cities where movies have been filmed, but that's hardly unusual for a LOT of people

What about you? Ever visited a movie set or maybe found out later that you had and didn't know it at the time?

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