Last week, Chad told you about one of the new laws, House Bill 33, which requires vehicles to keep at least three foot distance from bicyclists attempting to pass. Here are a few more new laws that go into effect this Saturday, July 14th.

-House Bill 136 will increase what breweries can sell on site to three cases and two kegs per customer. It will also allow breweries to sell one case per customer at fairs and and festivals in wet jurisdictions.

-House Bill 187 will require state Department of Education to make a "dyslexic tool kit" available to school districts to help them identify and instruct students who display characteristics of dyslexia.

-House Bill 132 will require Kentucky high school students to pass a financial literacy course before graduating.

-Senate Bill 6 will require pharmacists to provide information about safely disposing of certain prescription medicines, such as opiates or methamphetamine.

-Senate Bill 160 will clarify laws that prevent price gouging during emergencies, specifically retailers could be fined if the price of goods increases 10 percent when the governor declares a state of emergency.

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