This is one of my absolute favorite photos we took during our publicity shoot for Kinky Boots.  All credit for this idea goes to Kenny King from Dream Copy Photography.  He wanted to do a Beatles-inspired Kinky Boots bridge walk and, well, we did!!  In the middle of the afternoon rush hour.  I got honks, stares and one proposition.  LOL!

Kinky Boots, the 2013 Tony Award-winning musical, is coming to the RiverPark Center next Wednesday night.  As you know, we launched this huge photo and hashtag to welcome the show to town and help build excitement for its arrival.

Faith Holley, who is Marketing Director for RiverPark, had the awesome idea to incorporate the Blue Bridge in some of the shots- including this one!

Kenneth King/Dream Copy

Credit to Faith for coming up with the idea to make it look like the boots were holding up the bridge.  And credit to me for not falling off the pillar and plunging to my death in the river below.  Have you ever looked over that fence?  There are rocks and an unfortunately steep and daunting plunge.

And you think that pose was difficult?  Check out this one!

Kenneth King/Dream Copy Photography

The tops of those pillars are NOT level.  I do not recommend trying this at home.  LOL!  Or in public.

But one thing I do recommend?   Kinky Boots!   It's coming to the RiverPark Center in downtown Owensboro on Wednesday, April 3rd.    Here's a sneak preview.  I have seen the show and can assure you- it's uplifting, fun, riotous and heart-warming.

If you'd like more information about the Kinky Boots or want to get tickets for the RiverPark Center performance, CLICK HERE!  You can actually choose the seats you'd like to buy using RiverPark's interactive seating chart.

And keep it tuned to the rest of the week.  I'll continue sharing more photos from our Kinky Boots shoot with Kenny King and Dream Copy Photography.  Plus, Angel and I will be giving away a pair of tickets daily.   Country music fans know a thing or two about boots, right?

Thursday morning (at 7:50am), Angel and I are going to ask to this boots-themed question on air:  This Jason Aldean song talks about a "sweet Georgia peach with a southern drawl, sexy swing and cowboy boots to her down home roots?"  Be standing by because Angel and I are going to ask this question on the air, take Caller #9 and give Kinky Boots tickets away if the caller gets the question correct!

Good luck!  And, remember . . . #JustBeOBKY