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Red Boots & The Blue Bridge [Photos]
This is one of my absolute favorite photos we took during our publicity shoot for Kinky Boots.  All credit for this idea goes to Kenny King from Dream Copy Photography.  He wanted to do a Beatles-inspired Kinky Boots bridge walk and, well, we did!!  In the middle of the afternoon rush hour.  I got honks, stares and one proposition.  LOL!
WBKR Painting Party [Photos]
Yesterday, the WBKR staff closed up shot early and headed to Studio Slant in downtown Owensboro for our version of their popular Canvas & Cocktails party.  And my friend and party hostess Mary-Katherine Maddox helped us paint portraits of the Blue Bridge.
The End Is Near! But in a good way. The Glover H. Cary Bridge--the lifeline to the rest of the world (Natcher Bridge, notwithstanding)--will reopen at noon Wednesday and the days of long detours will come to an end!
Our long national nightmare will soon be over. The Glover H. Cary Bridge--the lifeline to the rest of the world (Natcher Bridge, notwithstanding)--will reopen on November 27th!
Blue Bridge Painting (Pictures)
Owensboro's Blue Bridge is being painted and we have pictures. Closed since May 15, right after the Owensboro International Barbecue Festival, the bridge's painters are making great headway. According to the Messenger-Inquirer, the tarp will soon be thrown back and the new colors revealed. More work remains until it reopens for the winter in November. It is very dangerous work and the project has
A worker on Owensboro's Blue Bridge who suffered injuries Monday evening has died. Daviess County coroner Jeff Jones has confirmed that burns on the hands of the 35-year-old repair crew member are consistent with electrocution.
Is Blue Bridge FINALLY to be Painted?
Technically it is the Glover Cary bridge. But, we call it the "Blue Bridge" because of its color. Kentucky and Indiana highway officials have indicated the bridge is scheduled for repainting in about 2017 (which happens to be Owensboro's bicentennial) at an estimated cost of 8 to 10 million dollars. But, I have a hunch it may be sooner. Word is out Governor Steve Beshear in speaking tomo

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