I guess you can fish in just about ANY lake unless there are posted signs forbidding it. But some lakes are super stocked, and that, naturally, becomes a big selling point.

In my childhood, we'd visit friends who lived right on Kentucky Lake and the fish fries were amazing. And yes, the fish came right out of the lake and went right into the skillet. (Well, after being properly coated in seasoned corn meal, of course. This is Kentucky.)

I like to visit Kentucky's many beautiful lakes, and I have a long way to go before I get them all checked off my list. But sometimes, you have to dig a little deeper. Sure, we have Land Between the Lakes, Rough River Lake, Nolin River Lake, Barren River Lake, and so on. The "big ones" in the Commonwealth, so to speak.

Herrington Lake -- Packed with Fish...But No Herring

Here's one that might a bit off the beaten path for you. I mentioned fishing earlier because Herrington Lake in central Kentucky proudly touts its stock of bluegill, catfish, crappie, hybrid striped bass, largemouth bass, spotted bass and white bass. Fast forward to 4:55 and check out this guy's successful visit:

But great fishing isn't the only reason to visit Herrington Lake. There's more than 2,300 acres of water to play with here, so bring the boats and the skis and the swim fins, and have a blast. Also, the lake is 12 miles long.

Herrington Lake Is the Deepest Lake in Kentucky

However, the lake's surface area and length aren't its most interesting features. It's the depth--as in 239 feet deep. In other words, you could completely submerge the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World into this beautiful lake, which is more than deserving of a drone's-eye view:

Herrington Lake Is a Man-Made Lake

Herrington Lake's depth IS unusual, and that's because it is man-made. It came about after the enormous Dix Dam was constructed. Spanning the Dix River just three miles upstream from its confluence with the Kentucky River, the impressive structure was the largest rock-filled dam in the world when it was completed in 1925. From the Herrington Lake Conservation League:

The top of the dam is 287 feet above the riverbed (150 feet higher than Niagara Falls) and stretches 1,087 feet across the Dix River Gorge between Mercer and Garrard Counties.

The History of Herrington Lake

The volunteer non-profit also explains the purpose of the dam's creation:

The purpose of the dam was to establish a reservoir which would provide the water to operate a hydroelectric generating station.  The dam also provided the State of Kentucky with the capability to partially mitigate flooding on the Kentucky River by holding back water in Herrington Lake during critical periods.

Clearly, a visit to gorgeous Herrington Lake should entail a good deal of exciting exploration...and not just around the lake. Nearby Harrodsburg is the oldest city in Kentucky and certainly bears examining.

There you go. If you're looking for a fun and fascinating getaway, I've given you the DEEPEST lake and the OLDEST city Kentucky has to offer.

If you find any other superlatives on your journey, please let me know.

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