Angel here and it makes my heart so happy to be sharing Thoroughbred Acres Fall Neighborhood Sale and the Howard Family Huge Adoption Sale this weekend.

Thoroughbred Acres is located right off the bypass at Carter Road.  Now let me warn you of a few things.  Unless you have been in the neighborhood you may want to familiarize yourself with it.  It has lots of nooks and crannies.  You can get lost in a quick second and be somewhere over the rainbow if you aren't careful.


Not only do you have the opportunity to shop tons of sales in Thoroughbred Acres but there is a huge Adoption Sale happening for the Howard Family.  Here is their story;

We’re the Howards, Ben and Mary Alexia! We have had the joyous experience of learning we were going to be parents, not once or twice, but three separate times. God gave us the gift of three miracles whose feet never touched the ground, but who have touched so many lives. In less than a year, we have carried, loved, lost, and grieved our three babies. Each one has changed us, and made us stronger, braver, more selfless, and intensely yearning for eternity with them. We know that God is still good, and trust that He will make everything beautiful in His time. It is now that we begin our adoption journey with hearts full of hope and faith that one day we will have a child whom we can love Earthside. We are confident that God is not only going to show up, but that He will show off his faithfulness and love for us through growing our family. He entrusted me to carry three precious miracles, and now Ben and I must trust Him to match us with ours.

Learn more about their story on their blog "sustainedbytheshepherd"  They are a precious family trusting the Lord to provide for their family.  I attended their first sale and it was awesome.  I know they have even more this time.

Mary Alexia Howard
Mary Alexia Howard
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My professional yard sale advice (and yes I am classified as a professional) would be to scope it out the night before.  Hop in the care and take a little cruise to map it all out.

I think the most awesome part about this sale is that they will be bringing J's Good Grub Food Truck to the party.  They came to the radio station last year and they have the most delicious food ever.  If you stop by make sure to get their cajun fries.

To the Seller
10. Please do not sell your dirty, stained undies in a 10 cent bin. I'll give you a dollar not to sell them.
9. It is a yard sale if it is in your yard and a garage sale if in your garage the two cannot be interchanged.
8. One table of knick-knacks, two 1980's prom dresses, and a lawnmower is not a sale. I will just drive past mad off because I wasted gas.
7. Please do not sell half-empty bottles of lotion, makeup or used lipstick for $1. I MEAN REALLY! Those go in the free box which we will discuss later.
6. You are not a Justice/Gap kids franchise do not price your kid's clothes that way. Stains and smells do not up the value.
5. Clinique/make-up freebies should be free do not try and sell them for full price.
4. Your kids are precious but please teach them how to make kool-aid. 2 cups sugar 1 part water 1 packet of kool-aid clean pitcher! I will buy that deliciousness all day :)
3. Please take personal photos out of frames. Some faces only a family could love.
2. Videotapes yes I said videotapes are outdated price them as such. $5 for Pee wee's Big Adventure is a little much.
1. Lastly when I ask you if you'll come down in price on an item I do not want the life story of how much you paid for it and how you can't part with it for less than so much. And the only reason you're selling it is because it doesn't match your new stuff. Guess what? If you don't sell it at the end of the day it still isn't gonna match COME OFF IT ALREADY! You are not Hobby Lobby.

To the Buyer
8. Yes this is all the stuff I have. Do you see anymore?
7. If my sign says the sale is 7a-12p it means just that! Please do not peek inside my garage at 530a or you may get more than you bargained for.
6. Do not stay an hour looking and then take something from the free box and leave.
5. No my yard furniture is not for sale do you see a price tag!?
4. This is not a grab bag sale. Buy or go.
3. I do not remember the life history of my lawnmower you put gas in it and it cuts grass that's the long and short of it. Pretty simple.
2.No I do not have change for a hundred if I did would I be having a yard sell!?


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