Thruston Elementary School, peeps!  Who remembers the Fall Festival?  I was scrolling through Facebook Sunday and happened across Debbie Crowe's new Facebook cover photo.  Of course, back in the day, she was Mrs. Taylor and everyone at Thruston LOVED her bewitching alter ego.  In fact, "Witch Taylor" was just one of my favorite parts of the Thruston Fall Festival.  It was one of the coolest nights of the year and, to this day, I don't think I've ever been to a better Halloween party.  Do you remember this stuff?

Here's what I remember about the Thruston Fall Festival . . .

1) I remember the school turning Mr. Melheiser's music room into a big disco one year.  I remember it being equipped with a real disco ball and Donna Summer's "MacArthur Park" playing on what seemed to be a continuous loop.  I also remember my friend Arlene and I absolutely turning that dance floor into a Disco Inferno.  We were rocking it like Solid Gold dancers!  LOL!

2) And, speaking of Mr. Melheiser, who remembers this song?  It screamed Fall Festival!

I had actually forgotten this song until my friend Jennifer Pierce posted this video on the Thruston Elementary School For Life Facebook page!

2) I remember the Cherry Tree game!  Do you all remember that?  There was a tree in someone's classroom (I forget whose) and you could go in a cherry-pick a prize.  I don't remember the prizes really, but I seem to recall there were some really cool ones.

3) I, of course, remember the haunted house and Witch Taylor!  Remember?  Each year, Witch Taylor would put a spell on Mrs. Taylor so she could come to Thruston in her place!


And I remember stuffing our hands into bowls of grapes and spaghetti noodles and feeling "eyeballs" and "brains."  LOL!  So hilarious!  And so much fun.

4) And I remember us having a fortune teller too!  In fact, I think (and hopefully my memory is working correctly) our psychic usually set up shop just beyond the cafeteria in that closet that had the half door.  Just the top of it would open.  Does anyone remember that?  Or did I make that up?

5) And, finally, the most epic thing about our Fall Festivals????!  Who remembers the Cake Walks?  Self-explanatory, right?  My mother and Debbie both confess that the Thruston Cake Walks were epic and one of their favorite parts of the Festival.

The Thruston Fall Festival!  Seriously.  To this day it's the best Halloween party I have ever attended.  And Debbie Crowe, some 35 years later, summed them up perfectly.  She asked, "Weren't those fall festivals THE BEST?"  Indeed, they were!