We reported yesterday morning during Robbie Lee's roundup that floodwaters had devastated Tennessee.  Loretta Lynn's longtime ranch foreman was also lost in the flood.


It has been reported that over 17 inches of rain fell within 24 hours in Middle Tennessee leaving many towns completely devasted.  The water just has nowhere to go and it literally mowed down churches, homes, and businesses in its way.  It is being reported that this rainfall may just be the largest amount of rain the state has ever seen.  Tennessee is just coming off major flooding earlier in the year when Nashville was hit with floodwaters.


Loretta Lynn's foreman, Wayne Spears, died when he was swept away in the floodwaters.  Loretta went to her Facebook pages to release a statement;

Loretta Lynn's Ranch is a campground for people to visit and it is also an event venue.  According to many reports, there are at least 22 people dead and several others missing due to the floodwaters.

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As soon as they were able folks in Tennessee began to do what they could to start rebuilding their towns.  My uncle Mitch has been hauling rock nonstop to help get the rock back where it washed out.

If you would like to help all of those who were affected here's what to do;

Nashville's Community Resource Center has updated its Amazon wish list and is coordinating with officials to determine a safe response, the organization posted on Twitter. CRC's website also lists immediate needs for debris removal, supplies for first responders and supplies for unhoused flood victims. Monetary donations can be made at CRC's website.



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