Alright people!  I have a bit of a complaint here!  Driving down the street the other day I passed a house that decided to leave their leftover yard sale items next to the toter.  So maybe this doesn't sound like the most awful thing in the world to you but wait until you see what it was!


After contemplating whether to take a picture or not I did and then began wondering who on earth thought it was all fine and dandy to just post this up in their front yard!  Then I questioned if our local sanitation department might require items like this be placed outside the toter when picking up the weekly garbage...NOPE!  On the contrary they want all items being taken away INSIDE.  For a list of other requirements from our City of Owensboro Sanitation Department Click Here.

No offense folks but mindful of others next time you decide to just TOSS out the trash either in front of your house, out of your car window, or anywhere but a trash can for that matter!  Our city is beautiful lets...KEEP IT CLEAN!

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