Drivers in northern Kentucky encountered quite a surprise late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning when they came upon road crews doing clean-up after a semi-trailer truck crashed.


First, folks who live in the Cincinnati metro area which encompasses many cities and towns in that part of the Commonwealth shouldn't be very surprised when they encounter an accident on Interstate 71/75. I don't live there and even I have been stalled because of wrecks on two separate occasions. It's a very busy and fast-moving highway.


But THIS accident featured a semi that was carrying merchandise from Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret. As a result of the crash, toiletries and lingerie spilled all over the highway, forcing the interstate to close for a long period of time while it was all cleared off the road. Thankfully, the driver sustained only a minor injury, according to FOX19-Cincinnati.

When I saw what had happened, I had the exact same thought as Deanna Montgomery Bohn, who offered this suggestion in a comment:

"Please don't just throw everything away. Salvage anything useable and donate to shelters."

It's a great idea, and I certainly hope that occurred to someone on the ground at the scene. By the way, the crash is still under investigation.

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After hearing about the crash and then seeing the outcome, I was reminded of a similar accident--with far worse implications--several years ago. Ironically, it was also one that occurred in the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area AND on Interstate 75 just north of the city proper.

Thankfully, I was across town when I heard on the radio that a large truck had overturned, spilling NAILS all over the road. Can you think of a WORSE item to have all over an interstate highway? As you can imagine, I was thanking my lucky stars I didn't need that stretch of I-75 that day. And, boy, did that jack up the traffic in a city whose traffic has NEVER been one of my favorite things.

It's a good lesson...always be prepared for happen when you're driving through large metro areas. I circumnavigate them every chance I get.

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