Residents on the west side of Owensboro are still one tornado siren down.  And, according to the Airport Sorgho Fire Department, that siren, which sits on Lee Rudy Road, is going to remain out of commission for at least another month.

Photo courtesy of Charlie Johnson

There was a traffic accident late last month on Lee Rudy Road and, according to residents of Graystone Estates, a car crashed into the pole that housed the siren.

The pole (below) sits just west of Crosspointe Baptist Church.

Photo courtesy of Charlie Johnson

While the car hit the pole near street level, the pole snapped up top causing the siren to fall to the ground . . .

Photo by Charlie Johnson

That siren remains on the ground and work to repair the siren continues . . .

The damaged tornado siren serves Graystone Estates and surrounding areas on the west side of town, including Audubon Elementary School.