On Easter Sunday, I sat glued to Weather Channel coverage of the massive tornado outbreak in the South.  There were a couple of strong, long-track tornadoes that stayed on the ground for more than an hour as they plowed through Mississippi.  One of those tornadoes was over a mile wide.  It was a study in Mother Nature's fury and madness.

Sadly, the same areas affected by Easter's barrage of severe storms are in line for another one exactly a week later.  The National Weather Service has placed parts of the southern United States under a Moderate (Level 4) Risk of Severe Weather.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

Yes!  You are reading that correctly.  That forecast slide calls for hail up to the size of a tennis ball.  If you've never seen hail that big, check this out.  In May of 2018, powerful storms ripped through the northeast and dropped some.

And, this video from Australia is INSANE!  A storm there in February of 2018 dropped tennis ball-sized hail that literally crashed through the windows or cars.

That is crazy!  I can't even imagine.  I'm sure the folks in the South can't either.  They already suffered through one powerful round of severe weather just one week ago.  Today, they are bracing for another.

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