Okay, so on the second episode of Top Chef: Kentucky, the chetestants were treated to a family style smorgasbord of Kentucky foods such as burgoo, fried catfish, soup beans, and transparent pie. Um, what was that last one? 

I went searching for "transparent pie" and I think it's very similar to one of my favorites, chess pie.

Well I always go to Mom for recipe and food questions and she said transparent pie is just a little different, in fact, vinegar is added to chess for flavor, there is no vinegar in transparent. HERE is the Kentucky Tourism recipe listed for transparent pie.

But then I got to thinking, how is buttermilk pie different? Again, it's kind of the same, except you add nutmeg and lemon juice. It's all confusing, but it's all ravishingly delicious and I better see a chess pie at Christmas dinner.

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