Last week Travis Tritt went on a Twitter rampage letting everyone know how much he didn't appreciate Beyoncé taking the CMA stage with The Dixie Chicks. Let's just say, he was less than impressed and laid it out there!

Travis had just finished playing a concert in Bowling Green, KY. when he lit up his Twitter account and while some country music fans agreed with him, he took some heat from others who penned him a racist for his remarks. He insisted he was only talking about the music. Country music and his belief that it should remain country!

This is how it all started.

TT Tweets4
TT Tweets3

The racist twitter replies began and the next day he added some tweets to address those comments.

TT Tweets6

He wanted everyone to understand that he just wanted to make a point.

TT Tweets2

Then he thought it may be best to wrap it up, but I love that he stood by his comments and didn't take down the tweets like so many other celebrities do.

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