Holiday World opens to the public today and I think everyone in the tri-state area is absolutely pumped.  With COVID-19 the park took extra precautions to make sure they were fully ready for visitors.  Today, many of those visitors are sharing their favorite memories of times spent in the park.

Angel here and I can still remember my very first visit to Holiday World.  It was the summer of 87' and I was tan, still sassy, and ready to have the best time of my life.  I wore cute track shorts, a tank top (yes the description of what I wore is important for visual), and back then the famous Holiday World wig.  It was all sorts of metallic colors and a necessity if you visited.

I wasn't able to find my pictures but I can assure you they were fabulous.  I remember my favorite one was of my brother Albert and myself standing at the diving well with the divers.  I, of course, had my wig on, hand on hip, and a huge smile.  I always dreamed of being a diver for Holiday World.  As you can tell I didn't make it as a diver but I still love taking the kids to watch the shows.

If you have never been head over to the Holiday World & Splashin' Safari website to check out how they are handling everything and also to plan your trip.

Holiday Day World Memories

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