Our annual St. Jude Radiothon is Thursday and Friday here at WBKR and Trinity High School in Whitesville has jumped on board to help us raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  They're having a Penny War!

Anna McDaniel
Anna McDaniel

This is so much fun!  The next couple of days students will be bringing in money for St. Jude.  And there's a special incentive for the class that raises the most money.  They'll get to put a pie in the face of Mr. Morris, the school's vice principal.

Here's an extra cool addition to this story.  Trinity will give all the money they raise to Gavin Howard.  If you've tuned into WBKR's radiothon over the last few years, you are familiar with this young man.  He has been raising money for St. Jude since he was 7-years-old and has raised over $25,000!

Bridget Abbott, who works at Trinity, says "Gavin is such an awesome kid! We will collect money until Friday morning and then give Gavin everything we have raised."

Alright, Trinity!  We're loving it.  Start collecting those pennies because this is WAR!

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