Owensboro Hall-of-Famer and television icon, Florence Henderson, continues to receive tributes from several communities--a testament to her endurance as a cultural icon for multiple generations.

Tuesday's in New York City at the Music Box Theatre was the latest in the long line of them, with folks like Whoopi Goldberg and "TV oldest son" Barry Williams showing up to pay tribute and share stories about a woman they not only considered talented but also very funny.

Williams even sang the Brady Bunch theme.

This follows last month's all-star tribute in Hollywood that featured no less than fellow icons Carol Burnett and Judge Judy, both close friends.

And back in December, her TV family--the actors who played the Brady kids--all reunited for a memorial service for their second mom.

That's three in three months.

The entertainment community cannot seem to get enough of paying tribute to one of its most beloved members.

Who could argue?


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