Everybody loves watching Shark Week.  Two Owensboro Guys lived it when they reeled in three one-hundred pound sharks while fishing in Destin this week.

Nick Miller and Jordan Tong packed up their families and headed out on vacation for Spring Break.  Knowing both of these guys they are very much the adventure types.  They love hunting and fishing.  Jordan and my husband Joe are often found outdoors together LOL.

I asked Nick how they caught the sharks and here is what Nick had to say:

Jordan Tong brought two shark polls and we used Bonita fish for bait. Jordan and I took the bait out into the ocean with kayaks about 200 yards or so and dropped the bait. About 30 minutes later we got a hit on one of the poles. Jordan reeled it for awhile and then I did and finally Jordan finished the rest of the way. When we got it close I used a rope and wrapped it around its tail to pull it back to the beach. We removed the hook and let it go.

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The guys said their shark fishing is self-taught because they are basically crazy.  Nick said the sharks weren't hard to catch and really fun to reel in.

Each shark was between five to six feet long and weighed about 100 pounds each.  Shark season in Florida lasts from April through October.  There are tons of different types of sharks in the Panhandle.  They guys think the ones they caught were either blacktip or bull sharks.

Owensboro Guys Catch Sharks In Destin

Nick Miller and Jordan Tong reeled in the catch of a lifetime this week in Destin. They caught three sharks while vacationing with their families in Florida.

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Swim with sharks at Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium in Missouri

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