We have an URGENT request from Daviess County Animal Control.  Two dogs, Edwin, and Jenny, are in desperate, critical need of adoption.  And time is of the essence!  They MUST be adopted within the next five to seven days.

Deb Conner

This is Edwin!  He is a handsome black and white, incredibly sweet mix of Australian Shepherd and Border Collie!  Daviess County Animal Control estimates that he's close to a year old.  Edwin is heart worm negative.  He as been housed at the shelter for months and no one has shown any interest in him.  Edwin is well socialized, loves children and gets along well with other dogs too.  Like a lot of dogs,  Edwin doesn’t like cats much, but is otherwise loving and docile.  In Deb's word's, "he will make an exquisite addition to a loving family."  I can tell you from experience, Border Collie and Border Collie mixes are incredibly intelligent dogs.  They are quick learners and are obedient and loyal.

Deb Conner

This is Jenny.  She's a beautiful white Australian Cattle Dog/Terrier mix who is "the most loving and happy little baby doll ever"!  Jenny is roughly a year-and-a half old, weighs just under 50 pounds and is heart worm negative as well. Jenny, too, is well socialized, and has a loving demeanor.  According to Deb, "This sweet baby craves a loving touch, plenty of hugs and kisses."  As you likely know, the herding mixes are super smart and incredible animals for families.   

Our friends at Daviess County Animal Control ask that you please consider saving the life of one of these deserving dogs and adding them to your family and home. But again, the request is URGENT!   That's precisely why Deb, who works with the Southern Indiana Rescue Effort, reached out to WBKR this weekend.

If you are interested in giving Edwin or Jenny a forever home, PLEASE HURRY and go to the Daviess County Animal Control’s website and fill out their adoption application.  You must be approved to meet and adopt.  Approval for adoption typically takes only 2-3 days.  You can also call Daviess County Animal Control at 270-685-8275 or email them at dcacanimals@yahoo.com.

You may also contact Deb Conner by text at 812-430-8009.  She will be happy to speak to anyone with additional questions.