I spoke with friends from Daviess County Animal Control today and discovered they have two dogs that are CRITICAL as we head toward Christmas.

The first guy is the one you see above.  Everyone, meet Milo!  This adorable black lab mix is in URGENT need of a Christmas miracle.

Milo has severe separation anxiety and needs a home where owners are going to take great care of him and provide comfort for him when they're away.   According to Animal Control staff, Milo is full of energy.  He has lived with another dog before (a female) and they did fine together.  However, Milo should not be adopted by a home with cats.  Oh, and here's a plus.  He's housebroken.

This little guy is Buck!

Daviess County Animal Control
Daviess County Animal Control

According to DCAC staff, Buck is even more urgent than Milo.  He's been in the shelter since October and they have noticed a significant decline in him.  In the words of DCAC staff, he's not doing well at the shelter.  Buck is a one-year-old terrier/boxer mix and weights about 35 pounds.  He, like Milo, really needs a home before Christmas.

So, please, if you are interested in Milo or Buck, please call Daviess County Animal Control ASAP at 270-685-8275.

To learn more about Milo and Buck (and other animals up for adoption at DCAC, CLICK HERE.




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