Who serves up the biggest, sauciest and most tasty wings in the tri-state? It's National Chicken Wing Day and we want to know. Where is your favorite place for chicken wings in town? Vote now!

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Wings have become a staple when I go out to watch a game, or hang out with friends. Add an ice-cold beer and I'm in complete heaven. Add in french fries too? Now, that's the perfect night out in my opinion. You may think this is strange, but I always ask for "drums" as it's a preference that I shared with my Dad. My Mom always liked the "flats" so it worked out nicely. I'm really not a big fan of dry rubbed wings as I feel as though they get too dried up. The more sauce the better, if it's tossed with Buffalo, Cajun, Teriyaki, General Tso's or Honey BBQ. No Ranch, Blue Cheese and heck to the no, Celery needed. They MUST be thick, cooked all the way and sauced up nicely!

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Who doesn't love some delicious chicken wings? Well, we're hunting down which restaurant makes the best wings in the tri-state and we need your help. When it comes to chicken wings, there are so many different spots to choose from, so this won't be easy. But, it must be done!

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Fellow wing-lovers, it's time to VOTE on National Chicken Wing Day. Who do you think has the BEST chicken wings in town? Tomorrow we will reveal the "Top 10 Chicken Wing Spots" based on your votes.

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