This is my friend Steve.  And this is NOT his official U.S. Passport Card. It's a fake.  And is was actually created and being used by someone who lifted his photo and information from social media.

Steve Roehm/Facebook
Steve Roehm/Facebook

According to Steve, "I was contacted by a nice young woman in Barcelona who has apparently been talking to "me" for over a week. The person she's talking to had created a Tinder account, a fake passport, FOUR Facebook profiles, and a WhatsApp profile. He used easily available information and my pictures."

Steve stumbled across one of the fake Facebook profiles because it actually used his real name.  In total, he reported FOUR Facebook profiles that purported to be his.

But Steve admits there's no real solution to this issue.  He says, "The problem is, and I am obviously quite guilty of this, we put our information out there for the world to see. We share a tremendous amount of information about ourselves, especially in this venue."

So, beware!  What happened to Steve could easily happen to you.  In fact, you may want to do a Facebook search and see if there's another "you" out there.  Our another four of them.

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